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 Dorm setup

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Prof. Hermione Granger

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PostSubject: Dorm setup   Dorm setup Icon_minitime1Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:48 am

We are having a dorm setup.......... If u feel uncomfortable with who u share a dorm with just pm me and i will switch u with someone... i think i did this once im re-doing it all

Boys dorms:
Serphant dorm: regulus argus black and Harry James Potter

Girls Dorms:
Andaconda dorm: Josie L
Boys dorm:
Lion Dorm: Fred100 and Ronald Weasley

Boys dorm:
Raven: Nicholas Ravenclaw

Boys dorm:
Badger dorm: Sebastian Michaelis and Marvin

The staff dorms will be made later
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Dorm setup
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